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  • Professional and Reliable Supplier 2019-05-21
    Professional and Reliable Supplier We are PLC and DCS modules supplier in China. We are professinal and reliable! Amikon Limited is always committed to excellence in corporate philosophy, whether it is control system components, services, or delivery efficiency, we are committed to doing better. Specializing In: Control Systems (DCS, PLC, CNC) Panel Controllers HMI and Disp...
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  • Our products are just what you need !!! 2019-05-18
    Our products are just what you need !!! We provide first class service We deliver diverse parts We achieve faster speeds Adhering to the corporate philosophy of excellence, we are committed to being better, whether it is parts, service or delivery efficiency. Supplyed 79,928,896 parts to 3,196,226 customers in 151 countries Didn't find any products based on your search criteria? If you can't find ...
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  • Honeywell C300 Controller 2019-05-09
    C300 Controller Specifications The TC/RTD IOM module supports up to 16 channels of temperature inputs. Notable Features • TC and RTD operation • Remote cold junction compensation capability • 1 Second PV scanning with OTD protection • Configurable OTD protection (See below) • Temperature points can be added in 16 point increments Temperature Support The Temperature variable is collected from all p...
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  • Know more about Amikonplc 2019-04-29
    At Amikonplc, we are your world integrated. Our aim is to become our customers’ key electronic components solutions provider, and to consistently deliver on their requirements better than our next best competitor. We are always seeking excellence in electronic components distribution and have implemented strict anti-counterfeit processes and procedures to help manage and mitigate risk across our s...
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  • GE Fanuc Mark V & Mark IV 2019-04-24
    GE Fanuc Mark V & Mark IV DS200-Mark V The GE General Electric Speedtronic Mark V Gas Turbine Control System is a version of GE's long series of highly reliable electro-hydraulic control (EHC) systems for Steam and Gas Turbine Control. We are proud to offer a substantial inventory of these critical boards and provide a standard warranty with each and every purchase. DS3800 Mark IV The GE Gener...
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  • The Seven Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a System 2019-03-25
    The Seven Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a System 1. What are you manufacturing, and how? 2. What is the value of the product being manufactured and the cost of downtime? 3. What do you view as the "heart" of the system? 4. What does the operator need to be successful? 5. What system performance is required? 6. What degree of customization is required? 7. What are your engineering expec...
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  • Amikon Team Climbing The Wushan Mountain 2019-03-22
    Wushan Tour Wushan is located in the north of the government office of Hongxing Township, Chun'an County, Fujian Province, east of the North Sugarcane Village. It borders Yunxiao County in the east, Pinghe Daqin Mountain in the north, and Guanxing Town and Hongxing Township and Jinxing Township. It is more than a hundred kilometers away from Shantou City, and it takes only two hours to travel by X...
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  • International Working Women's Day (March 8) 2019-03-08
    International Working Women's Day (March 8) In this special day, I want to share my happiness to you. 1. Flowers  2. Discount  3. PLC DCS products ( Allen-Bradley , General Electric , ABB , HIMA , Invensys , Foxboro , Honeywel ) Which do you need? Pls contact us : Notice: Below ICS TRIPLEX products are in stock. T342...
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  • March Promotion 2019-03-02
    The Spring has come. In this sunshine March, we have a big promotion for celebration. ALL ARE AVAILABLE!!!  3-5% HEARTBEAT DISCOUNT Waiting for you!!! FAST GET THE DISCOUNT:  1. Allen-Bradley(USA  AB)Series: 1756/1747/1746 Series 2. Schneider(Schneider Electric)Series: 140 Series 3. General electric(General Electric)Series: IC693/IC697/IC695/DS200.. 4. Westinghouse...
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