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  • Discount in Double Ninth Festival 2021-10-13
    Discount in Double Ninth Festival The Double Ninth Festival refers to the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar every year, and is a traditional Chinese folk festival.   In ancient times, folks used to climb high to pray for blessing, travel to admire chrysanthemums in autumn, embellish yuzu, worship gods, and drink banquets to pray for longevity. Respect for the elderly. Cl...
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  • Amikon Return to Work from National Holiday! 2021-10-08
    Hello everyone, Amikon team is back to work now !   Amikonplc has been insisting on this principle always. Actually it is very important for our professional field. The companies we cooperate with is very satisfied with our services, which is the result of the efforts from all our employees. We hope to increase this level and continue to expand the global market in the future Our growth has a...
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  • More than 40pcs 3500/22M in stock with competitive price 2021-09-30
    More than 40pcs 3500/22M in stock with competitive price To who need Bently Nevada items, 1.We have more than 40pcs 3500/22M in stock with competitive price 2. All items are original new with factory sealed . 3.We offer one year warranty . 4.When receive your payment, we can ship the goods to you in the same day. More details about 3500/22M More Bently Nevada items for your reference. Bently Nevad...
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  • FANUC expands robot factory in China 2021-07-03
    FANUC expands robot factory in China              FANUC, a large Japanese industrial robot manufacturer, will invest 26 billion yen (approximately 1.55 billion yuan) to build an industrial robot factory in Shanghai. China's economy has recovered from the new crown epidemic. In order to achieve the goal of a "manufacturing power", production automation is being pr...
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  • Availability stock:Honeywell FC-PSU-UNI2450U 2021-05-22
    Availability stock:Honeywell FC-PSU-UNI2450 FC-PSU-UNI2450U Part Number: FC-PSU-UNI2450U Model: Power Supply Manufacturer: Honeywell  The SMS Power Supply includes diagnostics and alarms which should be confirmed to be properly working, monitored and acted upon. These are the indicators that the power supply is in need of attention before failure occurs. There are LED indicators for: • Intern...
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  • Qingming Festival is appraching 2021-03-20
    Qingming Festival is appraching Dear friend, Qingming Festival is appraching,we have several days for holiday. If you have any urgent inquiry anf order,pls send to us in advance. To avoid delay your delivery time. Amikon sell many brands as below . Best price and high quality goods for you during festival. WESTINGHOUSE 3A99132G02 WESTINGHOUSE 3A99132G01 HONEYWELL 51305508-2...
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  • Electrolysis hydrogen production technology ​ 2021-02-27
    Electrolysis hydrogen production technology Hydrogen production by electrolysis of water is to dissociate water molecules into gas phase and oxygen through an electrochemical process under the action of direct current, and separate out at the anode and the anode. According to different, it can be divided into alkaline water electrolysis, proton exchange membrane water electrolysis, solid oxide wat...
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  • Team Trip to Wuyishan Mountain 2021-01-23
    Team Trip to Wuyishan Mountain--Amikon Limited                                                                                                    &nbs...
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  • What We Offer 2021-01-08
    What We Offer Amikon has access to thousands of New parts in stock, which are either factory packaged and sealed, or New in open box. There is a wide selection of current manufactured parts, along with obsolete parts, as we know the difficulty in finding these parts in a New condition.
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