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  • PLC and DCS modules 2019-09-07
    PLC and DCS modules Amikon Limited is a professional, reliable and cost effective alternative for the supply of new automation and control parts in all the major brands. Sales Manager:Amy Email: Skype: +86 18950128464 Mobile: +86 18950128464 (WhatsApp/ Wechat) |  QQ:2851195485 Our advantage brands ABB,Allen Bradley,General Electric,Honeywell,Triconex Emerson,Foxbor...
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  • Honeywell C300 Controller you deserve it 2019-08-31
    Honeywell C300 Controller you deserve it Honeywell’s C300 Controller provides powerful and robust control for the distributed control system (DCS). The C300 is a node in operating Honeywell’s field-proven deterministic Control Execution Environment (CEE) core software. The CEE software provides a superior control execution and scheduling environment. Control strategies for each controller node are...
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    Special Promotion: MMS6210 MMS6312 MMS6110 MMS6350 MMS6410 MMS6120 MMS6220 MMS6418 MMS6620 MMS6250 MMS6823 MMS3120/022-100 CI626A  3BSE005023R1 CI830 3BSE013252R1 CI853K01 3BSE018103R1 DI810 3BSE008508R1 DSDI110A 57160001-AAA DSDX180 3BSE003859R1 DSQC604  3HAC12928-1 DSQC652 3HAC025917-001 PM856K01 3BSE018104R1 PM860K01 3BSE018100R1 PM861AK01 3BSE018157R1 Contact name:Jim Email:sales6@am...
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  • Bently Nevada Hot Selling Season!!! 2019-08-16
    Bently Nevada Hot Selling Season!!! Bently Nevada 330500-02-00 Bently Nevada 330500-00-20 Bently Nevada 330130-040-00-00 Bently Nevada 330130-080-00-00 Bently Nevada 330130-040-00-05 Bently Nevada 330130-045-00-05 Bently Nevada 330130-080-00-CN Bently Nevada 330130-075-00-00 Bently Nevada 330130-085-00-00 Bently Nevada 146031-01 Bently Nevada 128270-01E 131151-01 Bently Nevada 140471-01 Bently Nev...
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  • 45.9 Degree Celsius ! Europe was Baked in Extremely High Temperature 2019-08-10
    45.9 Degree Celsius ! Europe was Baked in Extremely High Temperature Europe has been hit by a rare heat wave these days. France has a historical high temperature of 45.9 degrees, and temperatures in some parts of Spain are over 40 degrees Celsius. High temperatures cause various accidents, many forest fires occur in Europe, many planes are grounded, rails are deformed, schools are closed. Fra...
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  • Many Items In Stock 2019-08-01
    Many Items In Stock Amikon Limited is a leading global supplier of industrial automation spare parts and actively supports the demand and development of global automated spare parts. Guided by the principle of “Serving Customer Zero Distance”, we are committed to helping customers in the production and process industries through a wide range of automated component systems, ...
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  • Welcome to celebrate birthday for Amikon family members 2019-06-22
    Welcome to celebrate birthday for Amikon family members Commercially, Amikon is committed to providing high quality products and good services to companies around the world. In the industrial control industry has a good reputation. In life, Amikon is also a very warm family. We often organize gatherings, birthday parties, and celebrate the birthday for members. Once you find us, it will be our mut...
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  • The Raptors defeated the Warriors 4:2 to win the NBA championship 2019-06-15
    The Raptors defeated the Warriors 4:2 to win the NBA championship On June 13, the Raptors players were at the awards ceremony. On the same day, in the sixth game of the 2018-2019 season NBA Finals, the Toronto Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors 114-110, winning the team's first NBA championship with a total score of 4-2. If you have inquiry,pls contact: Discount products: ...
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  • Winning bid for lunch with Warren Buffett tops $4.5 million 2019-06-04
    The chance to sit down for a private lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett fetched more than $4.5 million at an annual auction on eBay.  This year's winning bid crushed the record $3.5 million a bidder spent on lunch with Buffett in 2016 and 2012.  The people who have lunch with Buffett come from all over the world, with different moods and purposes. After the event, some people...
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