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  • The latest development of new coronal vaccine 2020-10-17
    How is the novel coronavirus pneumonia work in China? Wu Yuanbin, director of novel coronavirus pneumonia, director of the Ministry of social science and technology, director of Technology Development Department of the Ministry of science and technology, has 11 clinical trials in China, of which 3 inactivated vaccines and 1 adenovirus vector vaccines have entered phase III clinical trials. Other r...
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    MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL AND NATIONAL DAY  IS COMING Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival, Moonlight Festival, Moon Eve, Autumn Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Moon Worship Festival, Moon Niang Festival, Moon Festival, Reunion Festival, etc., is a traditional Chinese folk festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival originated from the worship of celestial phenomena and evolved from the autumn eve...
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  • Speed Control - Woodward 2020-08-22
    Speed Control - Woodward Speed Control The system, consists of:  A magnetic pickup (MPU), to sense the speed of the prime mover.  A frequency to voltage converter, to convert MPU frequency to a voltage for use in the 2301A internal circuits.  A speed reference to which the prime mover speed is compared. (Idle and Rated speed references are provided by the 2301A Speed Control. The speed referenc...
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  • Special Discount For ICS Triplex 2020-08-15
    SPECIAL DISCOUNT SPECIAL DISCOUNT SPECIAL DISCOUNT SPECIAL DISCOUNT SPECIAL DISCOUNT SPECIAL DISCOUNT Hi guys,looking here!!! I know you are curious about our discount!!! Click here to send me email to know the discount!!! (click) RELATED PRODUCTS: T8403 T8431 T8151B T8100 T3401 T3411F T3480 T3481 T7481A T8461 T8151 T8461C T8151C Contact:Jim(Manager) WhatsAp...
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  • Happy Amikon Family 2020-08-05
    Amikon Limited is a passionate and dynamic team. Let's taste delicious food and play games together. We need not only hard work, but also some luck. Join our team and share our happiness. ABB PM665 PROCESSOR MODULE 3BDS005799R1 ABB 3BSE018161R1 PM864AK01  ABB 3BSE011181R1  CPU PM511V16 ABB 3BSE050199R1 PM866K02  ABB PM865K01 ABB CPU  MPRC086444-005  MPRC 086444-005 FAST SH...
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  • Excellence in Supply Chain 2020-07-25
    Excellence in Supply Chain
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  • ABB PP836A 3BSE042237R2 Control Panel 2020-07-18
    ABB  PP836A 3BSE042237R2  Control Panel General Information Product ID:3BSE042237R2 ABB Type Designation:PP836A Catalog Description:PP836A Key Panel, 6.5" Categories: Products » Control Systems » 800xA » Operations » Panel 800 » Panel 800 4.1 » Control System Accessories Additional Information Medium Description:Panel 800 - PP836A Operator Panel Technical Information:Panel 800 - PP8...
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  • Mitsubishi Electric Develops High-Precision Circuit Simulation Technology For This Silicon Carbide MOSFET​ 2020-07-11
    Mitsubishi Electric Develops High-Precision Circuit Simulation Technology For This Silicon Carbide MOSFET Recently, at the 2020 PCIM Europe exhibition held online, Mitsubishi Electric announced the development of a highly accurate integrated circuit general simulation program (SPICE) model to analyze the electronic circuits of discrete semiconductors/power devices. Mitsubishi said that the high-sp...
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  • Check out what Amikonplc does or what it can do for the world 2020-06-30
    Amikonplc is an expert with more than 12 years of experience in the industrial parts market.  We often serve companies that have discontinued equipment or often need buy spare parts as stock. We all know that the time of discontinued products is very important for companies that need to keep their equipment up and running. So you just could enter the model or brand you want in our website,&nb...
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