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  • Amikon Limited Coronavirus Statement (COVID-19)
    Amikon Limited Coronavirus Statement (COVID-19) 2020-03-28
    Amikon Limited Coronavirus Statement (COVID-19) As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect businesses throughout the world, we are reaching out to inform you, our worldwide customers and suppliers. Amikon serves key industries vital to combating the Coronavirus pandemic. These include critical manufacturing processes such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, pulp and paper, utilities and more. As always, ‘We help keep the world’s production running’ - and it is important that we continue to operate with this in mind. Automation Parts – Our online store is open 24/7 for order placement.   Shipping – We are taking great care to make sure that your orders are safely handled and packaged. Receiving – All incoming packages and mail are thoroughly UV exposed to reduce pathogens on box surfaces and open contents. Visitors – Currently only contractors essential to keeping our immediate operations running are allowed on site, and only after . The safety of our employees and our customers is extremely important to us. Website: Contact :Yuki Cell number :+8617359287459 Email: Welcome to inquiry and visit our Website.
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  • Different Countries Take Actions To Fighting Against the Coronavirus
    Different Countries Take Actions To Fighting Against the Coronavirus 2020-03-26
    Different Countries Take Actions To Fighting Against the Coronavirus 1.affected by the novel coronavirus pneumonia global epidemic, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo reached an agreement with International Olympic Committee President Bach on 24, and the Tokyo Olympic Games will be postponed until 2021, at the latest not exceeding the summer of 2021. It will also be the first Olympic Games postponed in the history of modern Olympic Games 2.India's prime minister modi announced in a televised speech on the 24th that a 21 day "closure" measure would be implemented nationwide from midnight to curb the spread of the new crested lung disease. 3.The novel coronavirus pneumonia, 23, issued a national television speech. With the rapid increase of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in New Zealand, there has been a phenomenon of human transmission in the community. The level of response to the national epidemic prevention and control has risen to grade, and will rise to the highest level 4 level in 48 hours. All people are asked to live in isolation. Aden said that the "closure" mode will last for four weeks, and then it will decide whether to relax the restrictions based on the assessment Today, it is the mission of people all over the world to fight against coronavirus together. Let's pray for world peace and defeat coronavirus as soon as possible. We are still on work this period, we can ship out the goods fastest. If you have inquiry,pls send to me directly now! My email address Related products: IS200ECTBG2A IS200EDEXG1A IS200EGPAG1B IS200EISBH1A IS200EPCTG1A IS200EPDMG1B IS200EROCH1A IS200EXAMG1A IS200EXHSG4A IS200TBACIH1B IS200TGENH1A IS200TPROH1B IS200TREGH1B IS200TRLYH1B IS200TRPGH2B IS200TSVOH1B IS200TTURH1B IS200VCRCH1B NAME:Jim TEL:+86-592-5322116 (SKYPE) MOBILE/WHATSAPP:+86-18020776782
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  • New Arrival for PLC & DCS
    New Arrival for PLC & DCS 2020-03-21
    DON'T HESITATE TO CONTACT Us: (Manager:Leonia)Email: | Skype: 18030175807 Fax: +86 0592-5165-561 | Mobile Wechat: +86 18030175807 GE 531X189LTBALG1 GE 531X175SSBAAM3 GE 531X160HFCACG1 GE 531X152IOCAKG1 GE 531X133PRUAMG1 GE 531X139APMASM7 GE 531X171TMAAFG2 GE 531X207LCSAMG1 GE 531X124MSDAJG2 GE 531X135PRGAYM2 GE 531X135PRGAAM3 GE 531X191RTBAJG1 GE 531X121PCRALG1 GE 531X300CCHAGM5 GE 531X126SNDAFG1 GE DS200SSBAG1BAA GE DS200LPPAG1A GE DS200SIOCG1A GE IC660CBB902K GE IC600CB527L GE IC600BF929K GE IC660FP900K IC600BF929K GE IC600FP501K IC600CB526R GE IC660FP8900K IC660CBB902K GE IC600FP910K IC600BF910K GE IC600FP608K IC600LX624L GE IC600FP608K IC600LX648L GE IC600FP832K IC600BF832K AB 2711-K9C1 AB 1785-BCM/C
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  • Epidemic Prevention Measures
    Epidemic Prevention Measures 2020-03-14 Epidemic Prevention Measures How to protect yourself during an epidemic? (1) Try not to travel to areas where the epidemic occurred. (2) When traveling, prepare protective items in advance. (3) Wash your hands frequently to maintain hand hygiene. Every time you wash your hands, wash them off with soap or liquid soap. When it is not convenient to wash your hands, you can choose to use a disposable hand sanitizer before and after meals to avoid touching the mouth, eyes, and nose directly with your hands. When coughing or sneezing, cover the nose and mouth with tissues or elbow sleeves. Every order will send you disposable mask as gift ABB,Allen Bradley,General Electric,Honeywell,Triconex Emerson,Foxboro,Westinghouse,Bently Nevada, Moore,Siemens,Hima,Schneider,Bachmann,Yokogawa... Feel free to contact me Skype: +86 18950128464 WhatsApp |  Wechat | Mobile:+8618950128464 |  QQ:2851195485
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  • A product recommendation and discount day !
    A product recommendation and discount day ! 2019-03-11
    A product recommendation and discount day ! We are spare parts ,people always call us PLC/DCS module. In our family,there are many members,such as ABB,Emerson,Honeywell,Bently Nevada,ect. Today I want to recommend Emerson and Honeywell to you . 05704-A-014 MMS6110 TC-IAH161 9210-02094N CC-TAIX01 PR6423/103-141 MC-TAOY22 CON041/913-030/SF CC-PCNT01 PR6426/000-121 CON031 Website: Contact :Yuki Cell number :+8617359287459 Email: Welcome to inquiry and visit our Website.
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  • The Number of People Was Affected Still Increasing
    The Number of People Was Affected Still Increasing 2020-03-07
    The Number Of People Was Affected Still Increasing The new coronavirus epidemic has continued to spread globally, and confirmed cases are now on six continents except Antarctica. The World Health Organization said on the 6th that as of 10:00 on the 6th Central European Time (17:00 Beijing time on the 6th), the number of reports of new coronary pneumonia outside China reached 17,481. According to WHO data, the number of new cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide increased by 2873 to 98192 compared with the previous day; the number of deaths increased by 99 compared with the previous day to 3380. A total of 4,747 confirmed diagnoses in Iran 4,636 cases diagnosed in Italy Japan has confirmed 1,112 cases, and the number of international and regional bans on entry has increased to 24 France has confirmed 613 cases of public bans in Upper Rhine 260 cases confirmed in the U.S. Russia has 10 confirmed diagnoses Confirmed cases appear in other countries We are continue to work and give you our best service 24H/7D. If you have inquiry,pls contact my NAME:Jim TEL:+86-592-5322116 MOBILE/WHATSAPP:+86-18020776782
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