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  • Happy Thanksgiving Day
    Happy Thanksgiving Day 2021-11-25
    Happy Thanksgiving Day  Thanksgiving Day, a traditional western festival, is an original Festival created by the American people  and a festival for Americans to get together. At the beginning of Thanksgiving, there is no fixed date,  which is temporarily decided by the states of the United States. Until 1863 after the independence of  the United States, President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday . In 1941, the United States  Congress officially designated the fourth Thursday in November as "thanksgiving". Thanksgiving holiday  usually lasts from Thursday to Sunday. In addition to the United States and Canada, Egypt, Greece and other countries in the world have their own  unique Thanksgiving, but European countries such as Britain and France are insulated from Thanksgiving .  Some scholars also proposed the establishment of "Chinese Thanksgiving" to carry forward traditional culture. Also Thanksgiving Day discount for you . Contact Yuki now Brand Part number Brand Part number ABB 3hac058399-002 AMTEX HSE200-120160 ABB 3hac043073-003 ANRITSU KL2300A ABB 3AHB8101-14 ANYBUS AB-7007-C ABB 3HAC049819-001 ANYBUS AB7013-C ABB 3HAC055450-003 ANYBUS AB7065-C ABB 3HAC046029-003 API MAC-B343-GM60 ABB 3HAC043075-002 API PS-3306D-E ABB 3HAC044841-002 APPLICOM PCI2000PFB ABB 3HAC055697-003 APPLIED 0190-26769 ABB 3HAC057980-006 APPLIED GMSV36-01-D 91/096D/E GE DS200SDCCG1AGD ARBO SE-WLS220-2.1/05 GE DS200SDCCG4A ARCHIVE ARCHIVE 2150S
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  • Embedded computer is committed to digital financial supervision
    Embedded computer is committed to digital financial supervision 2021-11-20
    Digital financial supervision is further improved In order to ensure the healthy development of the country's economy and society, digital technology should be used to improve the governance capabilities and levels of financial regulatory platforms. In this process, the high-speed transmission, analysis, storage and processing of huge amounts of data have higher requirements on the data processing capabilities and network performance of computer software and hardware used by financial supervision departments; financial data security encryption needs, and the domestic independence of key computer products Controllability also puts forward higher requirements. FW-7521FT is a complete network security machine based on Feiteng FT-2000 (4-core) processor built by North China Industrial Control. The product provides dual-channel UDIMM memory slots, supports SATA 3.0, CF high-speed storage; supports optional configuration of the number and type of Gigabit/10 Gigabit/optical/electrical ports, excellent network performance; provides abundant serial ports, USB, GPIO, PCIe Expansion interface and other I/O function interfaces; support watchdog BYPASS control, support Byo UEFI BIOS, adapt to UOS 20, Kylin V10 operating system; provide power supply, hard disk, bypass indicator, easy to use, easy to maintain; active heat dissipation structure , Supports stable operation under various conditions such as wide temperature and complex electromagnetic environment, with high reliability. Hot selling IMDSI14 PP835A IMDSO14 SNAT7780 SNAT601TAI 3HNM09846-1 07KT97 WT97 1SAR330020R0000 CI540 3BSE001077R1 CI830 3BSE013252R1 DO630 3BHT300007R1 DSAI110 57120001-DP DSDI110A 57160001-AAA DSDI131 57160001-GV DSDX180 3BSE003859R1 PM632 3BSE005831R1 PM856K01 3BSE018104R1 PM860K01 3BSE018100R1 PU513V2  3BSE013034R1 SPGU240A1  SPGU 240 A1 You can send us any inquiry you have to We are ready to support you at any time.
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  • Future Application Prospect of Bently Nevada Sensors
    Future Application Prospect of Bently Nevada Sensors 2021-11-11
    Future application prospect of Bently Nevada Sensor The principle of Bently Nevada sensor biosensor is mainly composed of two parts: molecular recognition part and conversion part of biological functional substances. The former is used to identify the tested substance. When the sensitive membrane of biosensor contacts the tested substance, a biochemical active substance on the sensitive membrane will select suitable molecules from many compounds and act with them, Make it have the ability of selective identification; The conversion part is due to the covalent binding between the cell membrane receptor and the outside world, which induces a series of electrochemical processes through the change of cell membrane permeability. This transformation can convert the molecular recognition of biological functional substances into electrical signals, forming a biosensor. Bently Nevada biosensor has been divided into enzyme sensor, cell sensor, immune sensor, gene sensor and so on. It is still in the research stage, but the sensor has significance in the fields of industry, agriculture, environmental monitoring and biomedicine. In biomedicine, some substrates with clinical diagnostic significance (such as blood glucose, lactic acid, glutamine, etc.) can be detected with the help of biosensors. In the field of environmental monitoring, biosensors can play a role in measuring the environmental pollution index BOD (that is, the degree of organic pollution of water quality). Microbial sensors can be used to determine the content and concentration of NH3 in air and water. They play an important role in fermentation industry and air pollution control. They are also used to detect the content of herbicides and apply to botanical research and pesticide pollution control ◆ Hot Selling  Bently Nevada 3500/05  3500/06  3500/08  3500/15  3500/20  3500/22M  3500/25  3500/32 3500/34  3500/40M  3500/42M 3500/44M 3500/45 3500/46M 3500/50  3500/53 3500/60 and 3500/61  3500/62  3500/64M  3500/72M  3500/77M  3500/90 3500/92  3500/93  3500/94  3500/95  Fast quotation from Leonia,
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  • Double 11 shopping carnival, stock spot discount
    Double 11 shopping carnival, stock spot discount 2021-11-06
    Double 11 shopping carnival, stock spot discount The double 11 shopping Carnival refers to the online promotion day on November 11 every year, which originates from the online promotion activities held by Taobao Mall (tmall) on November 11, 2009. At that time, the number of merchants and promotion efforts were limited, but the turnover far exceeded the expected effect. Therefore, November 11 became a fixed date for tmall to hold large-scale promotion activities. Double 11 has become an annual event in China's e-commerce industry, and gradually affects the international e-commerce industry. Pls don`t hesitate to inquiry me to get the biggest discount price TRICONEX 9760-210 TRICONEX 9853-610 TRICONEX CM 3201 TRICONEX DI 3301 TRICONEX DI 3301 TRICONEX DO 3401 TRICONEX DO 3401 TRICONEX EMPII 3006 TRICONEX HCU3700/3703E TRICONEX MP 3101 TRICONEX MP 3101 TRICONEX 4000093-320 TRS CM-10FO  CM-10-FO TURBUL TBL2100 UNIOP 33A BKDC16-T UNIOP BKDC-16-0045 UNIOP EK-04 6ZA983-7 UNIOP MD01R-02 0042 VACON 60VB00459 VALMET DI8P D201126L Variateur 200×25/50 VAT PRESSURE CONTROLLER PM-6 810-49867 650PM-24CG-ADK3/0431 VIBRO METER VM600 IOC4T 200-560-000-113 VIBROMETER VM600 200-595-046-414 VICKERS EEA-PAM-513-A-32 VIPA 314-6CG13  CPU 314SC/DPM-SPEED7 VIPA 315-4NE12  CPU 315SN VIPA CPU 313SC 313-6CF03 VIPA CPU 314SB 314-2AG13 VIPA CPU313SC 313-6CF13 VIPA SSN-BG89A VIPA VIPA315-2DP01 CPU315DPM VMIC VMIVME 4900 VYKON NPB-PWR WAGO 280-104 WAGO 280-905 WAVELENGTH ELECTRONICS LFI-3751 WEIDMULLER AAI143/543-YG WEIDMULLER CP-DM20 WEISS TS002E WESTINGHOUSE 1C31110G03 WESTINGHOUSE 1C31113G05 WESTINGHOUSE 1C31116G01
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  • The era of intelligent collaborative robots is coming
    The era of intelligent collaborative robots is coming 2021-10-30
    The era of intelligent collaborative robots is coming In recent years, topics such as advanced manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing have gradually become the focus of the world. On October 6, 2021, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said in the Chief Executive's 2021 Policy Address that "re-industrialization should take root in Hong Kong, and innovation and technology will become Hong Kong's new economic driving force", and expressed the hope to create two advanced manufacturing in Hong Kong The vision of the center. On October 13, Guangdong Province issued the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for Scientific and Technological Innovation in Guangdong Province", clearly proposing the construction plan of the National Technology Innovation Center in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. "Technology, forging "long board" technology, and building a full-chain industry innovation network", through advanced manufacturing technology to provide strong support for the growth of emerging industries, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and the future industrial layout. The promulgation of the above-mentioned policies has laid a good foundation and pavement for the upgrading of China's traditional manufacturing industry and the search for new kinetic energy, and further promotes "Made in China" in the direction of "Made in China". Compared with traditional industrial robots, collaborative robots have five major advantages: (1) Flexible, convenient, small in size, flexible production is indispensable (2) Simple and convenient (3) Human-machine collaboration is "close" and international standards are safe (4) The investment payback period is very short, the return on costs is fast, and the benefits are increased (5) Intelligent human-machine collaboration, "electronic workers" are not only machine substitutions Recommend products 3500/40M 149992-01 125680-01 125720-01 125760-01 133396-01 140471-01 330130-040-00-00 3500/42M 3500/45 3500/60 3500/50E 3500/92 136180-01 3500/33 149986-01 3500/25 149369-01 3500/20 125744-02 3500/53 133388-01 3500/40M 176449-01 3500/72M 176449-08 Our 24/7 email Send all inquiry to me,you will get good discount price!!!
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  • Application of Bentley Nevada Proximitor Sensor
    Application of Bentley Nevada Proximitor Sensor 2021-10-25
    ◆Application of Bentley Nevada Proximitor Sensor   Bently Nevada sensors are complex devices that are often used to detect and respond to electrical or optical signals. The sensor converts physical parameters (such as temperature, blood pressure, humidity, speed, etc.) into signals that can be measured by electricity. Taking the temperature sensor as an example, the mercury in the glass thermometer expands and contracts the liquid, so as to convert the measured temperature into the temperature that can be read by the observer on the calibrated glass tube. When selecting Bentley sensors, certain characteristics must be considered, such as accuracy, environmental conditions - there are usually restrictions on temperature / humidity; Measurement range - the measurement limit of the sensor; Calibration - essential for most measuring equipment because readings change over time; Resolution - the minimum increment detected by the sensor; Repeatability - the reading of a change measured repeatedly in the same environment The classification of sensors is mainly reflected in several aspects: main input quantity (measured), transduction principle (using physical and chemical effects), materials and technology and applications.     ◆Hot Buy 330180-50-05 330180-51-05 330180-91-05 330180-X0-05 330180-X1-05 330500-00-20 330500-02-00 330500-02-04 330780-90-00 330850-50-05 330850-51-05   ◆ Contac Leonia to get the fast quotation  Email: Mobile: +8618030175807    
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