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  • GE丨General Electric丨Fanuc products big promotion this week
    GE丨General Electric丨Fanuc products big promotion this week 2021-09-04
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  • Bentley Nevada Sensor
    Bentley Nevada Sensor 2021-07-24
    Bentley Nevada Sensor Sensors are usually installed inside or on the surface of the machine to measure vibration, displacement, speed, pressure, energy, etc. Bentley provides a variety of sensors, which can meet the use requirements of industrial environment. Some sensors can be installed in hazardous areas after adopting methods such as intrinsic safety barrier and electromagnetic insulation. If your needs are not within the scope of Bentley's standard products, Bentley can also transform existing products or develop new products to meet your needs. ⇒ Bentley Nevada • eddy current sensor 3300 XL 8mm 3300 XL 11mm ⇒ Bentley Nevada • speed sensor and acceleration sensor Welcome to inquiry ! (Leonia, )  
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  • International Labour Day
    International Labour Day 2021-04-24
    International Labour Day To who concerned, International Labour Day is approaching. We will start holiday from 1st to 5th May. If you have any inquiries or orders ,pls send us in advance to avoid delay. Besides,we have a big fire sales to clear our inventory (5%-15%) including ABB, ALLEN BRADLEY, GE, HONEYWELL, BENTLY NEVADA, HIMA,ICS TRIPLEX,ect Welcome to inquiry More ABB ITEMS RECOMMEND ABB 3HAB2241-1/06A  ABB 3HAB2242-1  ABB 3HAB2425-001  ABB 3HAB2477-1  ABB 3HAB2725-1  ABB 3HAB2782-1  ABB 3HAB2989-1  ABB 3HAB3001-1/4  ABB 3HAB3309-1  ABB 3HAB3365-001  ABB 3HAB3774-1  ABB 3HAB4041-1  ABB 3HAB4196-1  ABB 3HAB4217-1  ABB 3HAB4245-1/8  ABB 3HAB4248-1  ABB 3HAB4252-1/0  ABB 3HAB4296-001  ABB 3HAB4325-1  ABB 3HAB4535-1/8  ABB 3HAB5386  ABB 3HAB5386-1  ABB 3HAB5948-1/09  ABB 3HAB5956-1 ABB 3HAB5957-1 ABB 3HAB6107-1  ABB 3HAB6133-1  ABB 3HAB6139-1  ABB 3HAB6182-1 ABB 3HAB6372-001  Sales Manager :Yuki  / Phone: +8617359287459 Email:  / Skype:+8617359287459
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  • The 9th China Electronic Information Expo opened in Shenzhen
    The 9th China Electronic Information Expo opened in Shenzhen 2021-04-10
    The 9th China Electronic Information Expo opened in Shenzhen On April 9, the 9th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2021) was held in Shenzhen. Chen Rugui, Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, Chen Anming, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangdong Provincial People's Government, and Qiao Yueshan, Director of the Department of Electronic Information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches successively. Yang Xueshan, professor of Peking University and former vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Gao Wen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of Pengcheng Laboratory, Chen Ximing, deputy general manager and party member of China Electronics Information Industry Group Co., Ltd., and Wan Biao, chairman of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd., Peng Shou, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and chief engineer of China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd., made the opening speech. With the theme of "Innovation Drives High-Quality Development", the exhibition area exceeded 100,000 square meters, attracting China Electronics, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Huawei, Honor, TCL, Visionox, MediaTek, Wei More than 1,500 domestic and foreign outstanding companies such as Lai, Sugon, AMD, Dell, Western Digital, Toshiba, etc., participated in the exhibition, Han's Laser Semiconductor Automatic Packaging Equipment H580, Feiteng High-performance CPU Chip Tengyun S2500, MediaTek’s "Tianji" series of chips, Tongfang’s super K628 server, Honor V40, Dell Latitude 9510, Weilai ES8 smart electric flagship SUV, China Unicom’s “5G+Industrial Internet” new product, China Telecom’s “5G+Government” industry applications, etc. Come from materials, equipment, basic technology, electronic components Hundreds of thousands of exhibits in key links of the electronic information industry, including terminal products, industry solutions, etc., were all unveiled. If you have inquiry about honeywell,pls contact me RECOMMEND PRODUCTS 10105/2/1 51309355-001 MC-TDOY22 51204162-175 TC-IXR061 51195066-200 FTA-T-02 51305348-100 51305072-100 CC-PCNT01 51405046-175 CC-PAIH01 51405038-175 CC-PDIL01 51405040-175 CC-PDOB01 51405043-175 MC-TAOY22 51204172-175 MC-TSIM12 51303932-476 MC-TAMT04 51305890-175 FC-DCOM-232/485 8C-PAIH51 51454352-175 8C-PDOD51 51454361-175 8C-PDODA1 51454472-175 CC-PDOB01 51405043-176 CC-PDOB01 51405043-176 MC-PAIH03 51304754-150 51196041-100 51305430-100 FC-TSAI-1620M 51401635-150 Contact:Jim(Manager) WhatsApp:+86 180 2077 6782(click) Skype:live:sapphire_264(click)
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  • Application of Bently 3500
    Application of Bently 3500 2021-03-26
    Application of Bently 3500 in steel, electric power, chemical and petrochemical industry Application of Bently 3500 in iron, steel, electric power, chemical and petrochemical industry and measuring points of vibration monitoring Compressor belongs to general equipment, which is widely used in iron and steel, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, petrochemical and other enterprises. The following is the configuration example of Bentley vibration protection system for motor driving compressor unit through gearbox for your reference. Compressor unit: motor, gearbox, compressor Typical vibration measuring points of Bently Bently 3500 are arranged as follows: The shell vibration sensor is installed in the front and rear bearing boxes of the motor to measure the absolute vibration of the motor bearing. The low-speed end and the high-speed end of the gearbox are respectively equipped with shell vibration sensors to measure the absolute vibration of the gearbox. The X-Y direction eddy current sensor system is used to monitor the shaft vibration. In addition, a set of eddy current sensor system is used to measure the compressor shaft displacement, and a set of eddy current sensor system is used to measure and monitor the key phase. The recommended configuration of vibration monitoring product system is as follows: Centrifugal compressor steam turbine drive For units operating in hazardous areas, all Bentley sensors and monitoring systems must have a multi agency approved unit option. For the unit working in the safe area, there is no special requirement. Top Rated Products BENTLY NEVADA TK-3E BENTLY NEVADA 3500/62 163179-03 BENTLY NEVADA 3500/45 176449-04 BENTLY NEVADA 3500/60 163179-01 BENTLY NEVADA 170133-090-00 BENTLY NEVADA 330180-X0-05 BENTLY NEVADA 330500-00-20 BENTLY NEVADA 330980-50-00 BENTLY NEVADA 330930-065-01-05 BENTLY NEVADA 330930-060-00-00 BENTLY NEVADA 330878-50-00 BENTLY NEVADA 330850-50-05  We are OPEN for Business | Amikon Limited Recognized as Critical Supplier  Please contact our 5 Star Customer Service team with any questions at or by calling +8618030175807
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  • Lowest price in March
    Lowest price in March 2021-03-15
    Lowest price in March purchasing peak season in March. As long as your have target price,pls show me . Once it is reasonable,we can make it happily. So many parts with attractive price waiting for you . Just send me your inquiry . ICS TRIPLEX T8461C GE IS215ACLEH1AB IS200ACLEH1AAA FOXBORO P0916NG  YOKOGAWA AMM42 S4  BAUER SIRAX TV808  808-611100 Bently Nevada 330180-50-00  MEASUREMENT COMPUTING PCI DAS6402/16 ABB 1MRK002239 SR91C790 1MRK002239-BBR01 ABB 1MRK000173 1MRK000005-396 1MRK000173-BC Bently Nevada 330106-05-30-05-02-05 Weidmuller 17234700000 Weidmuller 1950380000 ABB YPC104B YT204001-BT  ICS TRIPLEX T8151C AB 1771-DMC CONTROL A3-290605 HONEYWELL TK-FFIF01 51403420-275 Bently Nevada 330930-065-00-05  ICS TRIPLEX T8311C BENTLY NEVADA 172103-01 BENTLY NEVADA 3500/22M 288055-01 BENTLY NEVADA 3500/33 149986-01 BENTLY NEVADA 3500/60 163179-01 BENTLY NEVADA 3500/65 145988-02 BENTLY NEVADA 3500/70M 176449-09 BENTLY NEVADA 3500/25 149369-01 HONEYWELL 51304812-200 SIEMENS 6ES7331-7PF11-0AB0 HONEYWELL MRP200XV31 YOKOGAWA牌 PSCAIAAN EMERSON PR6423/01M-010 CON021 EPRO MMS3120/022-000 Bently Nevada 330180-X1-00  HONEYWELL 80363975-100 Bachmann AIO288/1  GE 5136-PFB-VME  AB 1764-MM1  ABB PDP800 DP-V2 Bently Nevada 3300/16 PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC SCE906A2-002-01  SCE906A200201 HONEYWELL CC-TAIX01 51308363-175 Bently Nevada 330103-00-05-50-12-00 Bently Nevada 330703-000-060-10-02-CN HONEYWELL MC-TDIA12 51304439-175 SIEMENS QLCCM24AAN 16418-41 ABB IOD86-MEM HONEYWELL FC-PSU-240516 GE IS220PAOCH1B  GE IS220PDOAH1A  GE IS220PDOAH1B
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