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  • ABB on renewable energy projects
    ABB on renewable energy projects 2023-05-27
    ABB on renewable energy projects Together with Lhyfe and Skyborn, ABB will drive large-scale integration of production of offshore wind renewable hydrogen into the energy system in the SoutH2Port project Powered by Skyborn’s planned offshore wind farm, the plant in Söderhamn, Sweden, will produce around 240 tons of hydrogen per day, equivalent of around 1.8 million barrels of oil per annum ABB will apply critical expertise to optimize the integration of the hydrogen and electricity production across entire ecosystem including automation, electrical and digital technologies ABB is collaborating with Lhyfe, a world pioneer in the production of renewable hydrogen, and Skyborn, a global leader in renewable energy, to jointly realize and optimize one of Europe’s most ambitious renewable hydrogen projects ever, SoutH2Port. You cannot afford the excessive downtime caused by waiting for expensive equipment parts. Amikon can provide assistance. At AMIKON, our mission is to promote the development of sustainable and efficient global industrial supply chains.  ✔ Sales manager: Yuki ✔ Email: ✔ Mobile:+8617359287459 (Whatsapp) As a global distributor with inventory of over 1 million difficult to find industrial parts, we help system integrators and suppliers reduce unforeseen parts shortages and extended delivery times. Our long-term industrial asset partnerships with first tier enterprises from various industries enable us to become a highly sought after sustainable global source of new and discontinued industrial parts, equipment, and machinery. Moore ABB items do you need ? ABB HP-HP/AA-7676-91-0050 3BHE013299R0022 LTC743CE22 ABB PHBFIO10010000 NDBU-95C ABB TC562 3BSC630049R1 DI880 3BSE028586R1 ABB PHAFIOFFH10000 AX670 3BSE000566R1 ABB DO802 3BSE022364R1 DO610 3BHT300006R1 ABB PM860 3BSE018110R1 CI852K01 3BSE018102R1 ABB TU843 3BSE021443R1 07AA60R1 GJV3074365R1 ABB HS810 ACDU V1.01 ABB PDP800 DP-V2 YPK112A 3ASD5730011A13 ABB SM1006S/B12/0000/32/STD SDCS-POW-1 10012279F ABB NKLS01-10 AI835 3BSE008520R1 ABB MSR04XI 6632092N1 ABB DSTDN020 3BSE003238R1 NMBP-01 ABB DSQC643 3HAC024488-001 1MRK000173 1MRK000005-396 ABB 1MRK002239 SR91C790 YPC104B YT204001-BT
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  • Emerson Electric to acquire National Instruments for $8.2 billion
    Emerson Electric to acquire National Instruments for $8.2 billion 2023-04-22
    Emerson Electric to acquire National Instruments for $8.2 billion WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. industrial group Emerson Electric agreed on Wednesday to buy National Instruments (NI) for $8.2 billion, ending a nearly year-long acquisition of the measurement equipment maker. Emerson President and CEO Lal Karsanbhai said in an official statement, "With the expansion into test and measurement, Emerson will enhance its automation capabilities and gain access to a broader customer base that is critical to the product development cycle. Rely on NI solutions at all times. These capabilities allow Emerson to diversify into attractive and growing discrete markets such as semiconductors and electronics, transportation and electric vehicles." Recommend Products 3500/40M 125720-01 125768-01 135137-01 146031-01 126615-01 330130-040-00-00 330180-90-00 3500/45 176449-04 3500/25 149369-01 3500/33 149986-01 3500/42M 140734-02 3500/20 125744-02 990-04-50-01-00 330130-045-00-00 Contact email to get more promotion details:
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  • May Day 2023: What Is May Day?
    May Day 2023: What Is May Day? 2023-04-11
    Origins of May Day Did you know that May Day has its roots in astronomy? Traditionally, it was the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice! In ancient times, this was one of the Celtic cross-quarter days, which marked the midway points between the (four) solstices and equinoxes of the year. As with many early holidays, May Day was rooted in agriculture. Springtime festivities filled with song and dance celebrated the sown fields starting to sprout. Cattle were driven to pasture, special bonfires were lit, and doors of houses as well as livestock were decorated with yellow May flowers. In the Middle Ages, the Gaelic people celebrated the festival of Beltane. Beltane means “Day of Fire.” People created large bonfires and danced at night to celebrate. May Day has a long history and tradition in England, some of which eventually came to America. Children would dance around the maypole, holding onto colorful ribbons. People would ”bring in the May” by gathering wildflowers and green branches, weaving floral hoops and hair garlands, and crowning a May king and queen. More Recommended Product ABB 3BHL00385P0101 5SHX0845F0001 SST SST-PB3-VME-2 ABB UF C718 AE01 HIEE300936R0101 SST SST-PB3-VME-1 ABB HESG330184R1 ES1844C SST 5136-CN-VME ABB HESG447260R2 70BA01C-S SST 5136-CN-PCI ABB HESG447271R0002 70BK03B-ES WOODWARD SA1509-24 ABB HESG447271R0002 70BK03B-ES HESG447270R0002 WOODWARD UMT1 UMT145B A3  LR20523 ABB HESG447308R1 HE666775-318/79 70EA02A-ES WOODWARD UMT1 UMT145B/NSU LR21131 HONEYWELL MC-TDID12 51304441-175 SIEMENS 6ES7960-1AA06-0XA0 HONEYWELL MC-TDIY22 51204160-175 SIEMENS 6FC5103-0AB03-0AA3 HONEYWELL MC-TDIY22 51204160-175 SIEMENS 6FQ2531-0B HONEYWELL MC-TDOR12 51309148-175 SIEMENS 6FX1113-0AE02 HONEYWELL MC-TDOR62 51309150-275 SIEMENS 6FX1113-4AD01 HONEYWELL MC-TDOY22  51204162-175 SIEMENS 6FX8002-2EQ20-1BA0 If you have any other questions about product and price, you can inquiry Leonia Email: Whatsapp/Phone: +8618030175807 Phone: +8618030175807 (WhatsApp)
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  • Industrial Metaverse Development Accelerates
    Industrial Metaverse Development Accelerates 2023-02-20
    After completing its acquisition of Schneider Electric, Aveva took the industrial metaverse seriously and made it the goal of its plan to create an end-to-end, artificial intelligence-infused software for engineering and operations, accessible through a single pane of glass . As Herweck describes it, the Metaverse is "an always-on world that serves as the backbone of the internet, connecting real factories, machines, data, and people in palpable ways." Going back to Aveva's metaverse idea, it starts with understanding that the definition of a metaverse is changing rapidly. When the term metaverse is used, the most common idea stems from Neil Stephenson's description in his book "Avalanche". Stephenson is often credited with originating the term, which describes generic, immersive virtual worlds accessed through virtual reality (VR) headsets. According to Herweck, in line with this ongoing development concept that will eventually define the Industrial Metaverse, "Metaverse experiences will slowly be introduced into our daily working lives as add-ons to existing software." The three building blocks that make up Aveva's Metaverse vision are AI-infused data, digital twins, and experiences that seamlessly connect to the Metaverse across desktop, mobile, and wearables. More Recommended Product Schneider 140ACI03000 Schneider 140ACI03000C Schneider 140ACI04000 Schneider 140ACI05100SC Schneider 140ACO02000 Schneider 140ACO13000 Schneider 140AII33010 Schneider 140ARI03010 Schneider 140ATI03000 Schneider 140AVO02000 If you have any other questions about product and price, you can inquiry Leonia Email: Whatsapp/Phone: +8618030175807 Skype: 18030175807 (Wechat)
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  • Happy Lantern Festival
    Happy Lantern Festival 2023-02-04
    Happy Lantern Festival The Lantern Festival, also known as the Shangyuan Festival, the Little First Month, the New Year's Eve or the Lantern Festival, is on the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar calendar. Lantern Festival is one of the traditional festivals in China. The Lantern Festival mainly includes a series of traditional folk activities such as watching lanterns, eating glutinous rice balls, guessing lantern riddles, and setting off fireworks. In addition, many local Lantern Festival also added traditional folk performances such as dragon lantern, lion dance, stilt walking, roller boating, Yangko dancing, and Taiping drum playing. I wish you and your family a happy, round and happy Lantern Festival Amikon has prepared a discount for you. Please feel free to contact Yuki First of all, I would like to thank all customers for their trust. It is your follow who created AMIKON today. we will continue to provide high-quality products and excellent services. Finally, I wish all customers can seize the precious opportunity of this discount More products ABB   PCD230 ABB   PCD235 ABB   PCD231 ABB   SPAM150C RS641006 ABB   SPAM150C-AA RS641006 ABB   SPAJ142C RS611006-AA ABB   SDCS-PIN-205B-COAT 3ADT220090R0035 FOXBORO   FBM201 RH914SQ FOXBORO   FBM242 RH916TA FOXBORO   FBM203 RH914SV FOXBORO   FBM237 RH914XS Allen Bradley   1771-OD Allen Bradley   1756-DHRIO/C Siemens   6AV6640-0BA11-0AX0 Bently Nevada   330104-05-10-10-02-05 Bently Nevada   330704-00-050-10-02-00 GE Fanuc   IC695ALG626-KF GE Fanuc   SR469-P5-HI-A20 GE Fanuc   SR469-P5-HI-A20-E-H Are you ready to send inquiry to me now? Inquiry Inquiry WhatsApp:86 17359287459
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  • AMIKON Annual Promotion
    AMIKON Annual Promotion 2022-12-28
    Enjoy our annual promotion In order to repay the support and companionship of new and old customers, our company holds a special year-end promotion. First of all, I would like to thank all customers for their trust. It is your follow who created AMIKON today. Secondly, we will continue to provide high-quality products and excellent services. Finally, I wish all customers can seize the precious opportunity of this discount MOST ADVANTAGE 3500/22M 288055-01 T8403 T8442 T8461 6DS1213-8AA 6DS1411-8RR 1756-L61 1756-L71 PM866AK02 PM861AK01 IMDSO14 SPASO11 DSQC609  3HAC14178-1 Contact email to get more promotion details:
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