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  • How to know your part right: GE Speedtronic & GE Excitation cards/parts
    How to know your part right: GE Speedtronic & GE Excitation cards/parts 2019-11-09
    Know your part right: GE Speedtronic & GE Excitation cards/parts For example the GE Protective Termination Expander Board DS200TCEBG1A is an “expander card” used to condition Potential Transformer (PT) and Current Transformer (CT) signals. GE Protection Termination Expander Board DS200TCEBG1A is equipped with signal transformers and alarm buzzer and designed with eight guide holes to fix with in the core. The TCEB card in Location 2 of core is used for Generator and Bus Potential Transformer (PT) and Current transformer (CT) signals which are terminated on PTBA card. It is advised to make a note of all the cables connected with the boards before removing the faulty board and also the labels and tags at the end terminals. Always use an anti-static wrist strap safety gear (supplied along with) while replacing boards which helps to prevent and avoid any damage due to static electricity near sensitive electronics or other projects where static charge could damage electronics or cause safety issues. Make sure that, all the flat ribbon cables are being connected back with proper orientation before put into service. Amikonplc supply DS200TCEBG1A backed up with a warranty of 12 months. You would be shocked to know that the part can be shipped the same day thus reducing any downtime. Welcome to inquiry:  (Leonia)
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  • Warm Birthday Party ♥♥ Amikon Family
    Warm Birthday Party ♥♥ Amikon Family 2019-11-06
    Happy birthday to our Joanna! Thanks to be with you, warm Amikon family.
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  • Happy Halloween
    Happy Halloween 2019-11-02
    Happy Halloween More than two thousand years ago, the Christian Church in Europe designated November 1 as "All Hallows' Day." "Hallow" means the meaning of the saints. Legend has it that since the 500th century BC, Celts, who lived in Ireland and Scotland, moved the festival forward one day, October 31. They think that the day is the official end of the summer, that is, the beginning of the new year, the beginning of the harsh winter. At that time, people believed that the dead soul of the old man would return to his former residence on this day to find a living spirit in the living, thereby regenerating, and this is the only hope that people can regenerate after death. The living person is afraid of the soul of the dead to take over, so people will extinguish the fire and candlelight on this day, so that the soul of the dead can not find a living person, and dress yourself as a demon ghost to scare away the soul of the dead. After that, they will rekindle the fire and candlelight and start a new year of life. Email:  |  Skype: +86 18950128464  Mobile: +86 18950128464 (WhatsApp / Wechat)  |  QQ:2851195485
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  • ABB  System 800xA hardware selector
    ABB System 800xA hardware selector 2019-10-29
     ABB  System 800xA hardware selector  3BSE018161R1 General Information Product ID:  3BSE018161R1 ABB Type Designation:   PM864AK01 Catalog Description:   PM864AK01 Processor Unit Dimensions Product Net Height:186 mm Product Net Width:119 mm Product Net Weight:1.2 kg Additional Information Medium Description:PM864AK01 Processor Unit Technical Information:PM864AK01 Processor Unit Kit Exchange No. EXC3BSE018161R1 Package including: -PM864A, CPU -TP830, Baseplate, width =115mm -TB850, CEX-bus terminator -TB807, ModuleBus terminator -TB852, RCU-Link terminator -Battery for memory backup 4943013-6 -4 pos Power Plug 3BSC840088R4 Website:
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  • VIP clients visit our company
    VIP clients visit our company 2019-10-26
    We are so happy that our clients come to our company have a visit Our important clients come to our company to checking the goods for Bently Nevada. We are a friendly company and welcome customers from all over the world to visit. It has always been recognized by customers with the best service and the highest quality products. We will continue to give you the best amikon! Pls click here: Related products: 3500/25 key phase detection module 149369-01 3500/44M Gas Turbine Vibration Monitoring Module 176449-03 3500/92 Communication Gateway Module 136180-01 3500/40M Front Monitoring Module 176449-01 3500/22M Transient Data Interface Instrumentation 138607-01 3500/32 4-way relay 125712-01----公社8.27 3500/42M Front / Earthquake Monitoring Module 3500/15 power supply 129670-01 3500/00 Bently Nevada System Instrumentation Frame 3500/25 Bently Nevada Keyphasor module 3500/45 Bently Nevada Position Monitor Module 3500/33 Bently Nevada 16-channel relay module 3500/34 Bently Nevada TMR relay module 3500/50 Bently Nevada Speed Module 3500/53 Bently Nevada overspeed detection module 3500/60 Bently Nevada temperature monitor module 3500/61 Bently Nevada temperature monitor module 3500/62 Bently Nevada Process Variable Monitor Module 3500/64M Bently Nevada dynamic pressure monitor 3500/65 Bently Nevada16 channel temperature module 3500/70M Bently Nevada reciprocating compressor impact speed monitor 3500/72M Bently Nevada Piston Rod Position Monitor 3500/77M Bently Nevada Cylinder Pressure Monitor 3500/63 Bently Nevada gas monitor 3500/93 Bently Nevada LCD display device 3500/94 Bently Nevada VGA display device Name:Jim 丨 Tel:+86-592-5322116 Mobile/Whatsapp:+86-18020776782
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  • 3500/22M Transient Data Interface Module
    3500/22M Transient Data Interface Module 2019-10-23
    The 3500/22M Transient Data Interface (TDI) is the interface between the 3500 monitoring system and compatible software (System 1* Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic software and 3500 System Configuration software). The TDI combines the function of a 3500/20 Rack Interface Module (RIM) with the data collection capability of a communication processor such as TDXnet. The TDI resides in the slot adjacent to the power supplies of a 3500 rack. It interfaces with M series monitors (3500/40M, 3500/42M, etc.) to continuously collect steady state and transient dynamic (waveform) data and pass this data through an Ethernet link to the host software. Refer to the Compatibility section at the end of this document for more information. Static data capture capability is standard with the TDI. However, using an optional Channel Enabling Disk will allow the TDI to capture dynamic and high-resolution transient data as well. The TDI incorporates the communication processor function within the 3500 rack. Although the TDI provides certain functions common to the entire rack, it is not part of the critical monitoring path and has no effect on the proper, normal operation of the overall monitor system for automatic machinery protection. Every 3500 rack requires one TDI or RIM, which always occupies Slot 1 (next to the power supplies). Here is the large stock of Bently Nevada items !!! 3500/53 133388-01 3500/25 149369-01 3500/92 136180-01 3500/72M 176449-08 3500/70M 176449-09 3500/65 145988-02 3500/60 163179-01 3500/40M 176449-01 3500/33 149986-01 3500/22M 288055-01 3500/64M 3500/94 。。。。。。。。 WE WILL BEAT ANY COMPETITOR PRICE BY 10% ! CONTACT-US! Manager Leonia is pleasure to offer best price and proffessional service
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