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  • We Have Returned To The Office From Holiday
    We Have Returned To The Office From Holiday 2021-01-08
    We Have Returned To The Office From Holiday New Year Day holiday was over,now we are working in the office. Many new product with good price arrived in our company. We are always online for you! The current market requires shorter delivery times and mass customization, which in turn requires flexibility and the use of multifunctional assembly systems. These needs are common among small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Manufacturers must seek a solution that not only solves the problems of cost and space availability, but also needs to provide customized solutions to customer needs in the shortest possible time. Sales Manager:Amy Email:   Skype:+86 18950128464  Mobile: +86 18950128464 (WhatsApp/ Wechat)  |  QQ:2851195485
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  • Would you like join Amikon party ?
    Would you like join Amikon party ? 2020-11-14
    Would you like join Amikon party ? Amikon is not only a trading company focusing on selling PLC / DCS modules, but also a very warm family. Welcome to our party. Contact:Yuki Mobile:+8617359287459 WhatsApp:+8617359287459 You will get selling items with great price. 6215BZ10000A 6214BZ10120G 330130-035-00-CN 330130-040-00-CN 330130-045-00-00 330130-045-00-CN 6ES7414-1XG02-0AB0 6ES7431-7KF00-6AA0 6ES7431-1KF20-0AB0 330101-30-63-15-02-CN 330103-00-04-05-02-00 330103-00-04-15-02-CN 330103-00-05-05-02-CN 330106-05-30-05-02-CN 330106-05-30-10-02-00 330106-05-30-10-02-CN
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    HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2020-10-31
    “TRICK OR TREAT” With the Halloween is drawing near,Amikon Limited with you have a happy Halloween!!! If you have new inquiry,pls feel free to contact me! related products: PM632 3BSE005831R1 PM851K01 3BSE018168R1 PM860AK01 3BSE066495R1 PM864AK01 3BSE018161R1 PM891K01 36BSE053241R1 3500/22M 288055-01 3500/33 149986-01 3500/40M 176449-01 3500/60 163179-01 3500/65 145988-02 3500/70M 176449-09 3500/15  106M1079-01 1900/65A CC-PDOB01 51405043-175 CC-PDIL01 51405040-175 CC-PAIN01 51410069-175 8C-PAIH51 51454352-175 8C-PDOD51 51454361-175 8C-PDODA1 51454472-175 A6110 A6312 A6120 A6410 A6560 T8403 T8431 T8151B T8100 T8151B T8461 T8310 Contact:Jim(Manager) WhatsApp:+86 180 2077 6782(click) Skype:+86 180 2077 6782(click)
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  • Mid-Autumn Festival Party - amikonplc
    Mid-Autumn Festival Party - amikonplc 2020-09-26
    Mid-Autumn Festival Party - amikon Sales-Team Mid-Autumn unique Mooncake Gambling activities, Unique moon cake culture! Welcome to Amikonplc and join us! We would be good partner and help each us win- win ABB CM577-ETH ABB AI845 3BSE023675R1 WOODWARD 9905-970 WOODWARD 9905-969 WOODWARD 9905-971 ABB IMFEC12 Siemens C98043-A7002-L4 GE HE693ADC409 ABB DIDS01 ABB NIDI01 ABB NIMF02 ABB NIMP02 ABB NDLS02 ABB IMCPM02 ABB INLIM03 ABB 1948022A1 ABB 1948028C1 ABB 1948021A1 ABB 1948024G1 ABB 6632094A1 ABB 6632003A1 ABB NPCI03 ABB NPSI03 Contact: Leonia ( sales manager) Email: | Whatsapp/Mobile: +8618030175807 Skype: 18030175807 | Wechat: 18030175807
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  • Supply of spare parts
    Supply of spare parts 2020-08-29
    Supply of spare parts We are available at all times and are able to solve even complex problems within a short time. Our offerings are available worldwide. We are able to provide customs papers and export documents tailored to your country.
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  • Pray for the victims of the bombing in Lebanon
    Pray for the victims of the bombing in Lebanon 2020-08-08
    Pray for the victims of the bombing in Lebanon At about 6:00 p.m. local time on August 4, 2020, a huge explosion occurred in the port area of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The explosions occurred twice in a row, causing damage to many houses, shattering glass and raising red smoke in the sky. Too many bad things happened in 2020. Hope that the victims of the explosion can regain their spirits and rebuild their homes as soon as possible. Hope the disaster will be over soon, and people all over the world will usher in the dawn. Amikon is always here with you. Contact:Yuki Mobile:+8617359287459 WhatsApp:+8617359287459
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