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Chinese Traditional Festival-Zhongyuan Festival 2019-08-10

                                  Chinese Traditional Festival-Zhongyuan Festival

The Zhongyuan Festival originated from the early "July and a half" farming harvest and the autumn ancestor worship. The "July and a half" can be traced back to the ancient ancestral worship and farming harvest.In ancient times, people’s harvest of farming was often pinned on the blessing of the gods.

Autumn is the season of harvest. People hold rituals for sacrifices to the ancestors' undead, and enjoy the seasons for the gods, then taste the fruits of these labors and pray for the good harvest of the coming year.

From the legends about July 14th/15th, we can deeply understand that the sacrifices of July 14th/15th have a double meaning. One is to express the filial piety of cherishing the ancestors, and the other is to carry forward the loyalty and the people. The righteous act. This is all from the perspective of compassion, very human. Therefore, while celebrating the Zhongyuan, we should jump off the ghosts and look forward to mutual love.

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