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Do you know TSI system? 2019-06-10

The TSI system was successfully applied in 2007 in the vibration monitoring and protection of the steam feed water pump and auxiliary system of the Sagardighi 2x300MW coal-fired power plant and the Dur-gapur 1x300MW coal-fired power plant in India. Each turbo generator auxiliary machine a total of 146 vibration measuring points, 17 key phase, 5 speed. Each TIG generator requires 13 TSI systems and 39 TSI systems are installed on three turbo generators. Each power plant has a data server and a PC engineer station, through the Ethernet LAN, TSI system to complete the data centralized storage, monitoring and analysis and diagnostic functions. In addition, there are more than 50 TSI systems in domestic and foreign turbines, turbines and fans and other equipment on the stable operation of the successful implementation of amplitude overrun alarm protection, timely diagnosis of imbalance, misalignment, collision and pressure pulsation failure and ensure crew safety Operation provides an important means.

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