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Honeywell Robotic's Intelligent Depalletizer 2021-10-08

Honeywell Robotic's Intelligent Depalletizer

At PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021, Honeywell Robotics demonstrated its intelligent, flexible depalletizer system featuring artificial intelligence, and 2D and 3D vision for pick-and-place depalletizing operations.

Current Honeywell items on hand stock 

51199929-100 SPS5710 CC-PWRR01

8C-PAIHA1 51454470-275

MC-TAMR04 51305907-175

CC-PCNT01 51405046-175

FC-SAI-1620M V1.5

MC-TAMR04 51305907-175

FC-SDI-1624 V1.1

CC-PDOB01 51405043-175

MC-PAOY22 80363969-150

MC-PDOY22 80363975-150

MC-PAIH03 51304754-150

CC-PAIH01 51405038-175

CC-PDIL01 51405040-175

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