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How to know your part right: GE Speedtronic & GE Excitation cards/parts 2019-11-09

Know your part right: GE Speedtronic & GE Excitation cards/parts

For example the GE Protective Termination Expander Board DS200TCEBG1A is an “expander card” used to condition Potential Transformer (PT) and Current Transformer (CT) signals.

GE Protection Termination Expander Board DS200TCEBG1A is equipped with signal transformers and alarm buzzer and designed with eight guide holes to fix with in the core. The TCEB card in Location 2 of core is used for Generator and Bus Potential Transformer (PT) and Current transformer (CT) signals which are terminated on PTBA card.

It is advised to make a note of all the cables connected with the boards before removing the faulty board and also the labels and tags at the end terminals.

Always use an anti-static wrist strap safety gear (supplied along with) while replacing boards which helps to prevent and avoid any damage due to static electricity near sensitive electronics or other projects where static charge could damage electronics or cause safety issues. Make sure that, all the flat ribbon cables are being connected back with proper orientation before put into service.

Amikonplc supply DS200TCEBG1A backed up with a warranty of 12 months. You would be shocked to know that the part can be shipped the same day thus reducing any downtime.

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