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Industrial Metaverse Development Accelerates 2023-02-20

After completing its acquisition of Schneider Electric, Aveva took the industrial metaverse seriously and made it the goal of its plan to create an end-to-end, artificial intelligence-infused software for engineering and operations, accessible through a single pane of glass .

As Herweck describes it, the Metaverse is "an always-on world that serves as the backbone of the internet, connecting real factories, machines, data, and people in palpable ways."

Going back to Aveva's metaverse idea, it starts with understanding that the definition of a metaverse is changing rapidly. When the term metaverse is used, the most common idea stems from Neil Stephenson's description in his book "Avalanche". Stephenson is often credited with originating the term, which describes generic, immersive virtual worlds accessed through virtual reality (VR) headsets.

According to Herweck, in line with this ongoing development concept that will eventually define the Industrial Metaverse, "Metaverse experiences will slowly be introduced into our daily working lives as add-ons to existing software."

The three building blocks that make up Aveva's Metaverse vision are AI-infused data, digital twins, and experiences that seamlessly connect to the Metaverse across desktop, mobile, and wearables.

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