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Rockwell Automation Nearly Doubles Input Voltage Capacity for Compact PowerFlex Drive 2022-08-20

Rockwell Automation Nearly Doubles Input Voltage Capacity for Compact PowerFlex Drive

The newest medium voltage variable drive frequency from Rockwell Automation delivers industry-leading performance in about half the space.

The latest enhancement to the PowerFlex® 6000T drive now accepts up to 13.8 kV primary voltage, nearly twice the input voltage, in a footprint that is only 2310...3010 mm (7.58...9.87 feet) wide. The drive can be applied to 3…4.16 kV applications with high voltage input built in. Plus, high-voltage feeds can be directly connected to the drive from the main distribution line without additional step-down transformer or substation equipment, reducing costs.

The compact A-Frame design is ideal for new and retrofit industrial applications in IEC markets where industrial space is a premium – specifically for high-voltage primary installations.

The PowerFlex 6000T drive features TotalFORCE® technology. With real-time operational intelligence, this smart industrial control system:

-Monitors system performance
-Delivers faster commissioning with adaptive control
-Saves energy with economizer mode
-Reduces downtime and repair costs with predictive maintenance alerts
-Makes it easy to start up and troubleshoot all drives on the common control platform

PowerFlex 6000T drives are engineered for managing motor control for demanding applications in heavy industries – oil and gas refining; mining, mineral and metal processing; power generation plants; and water and wastewater treatment facilities.

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Allen Bradley/Rockwell
Allen-Bradley ControlLogix : 1756-L73S , 1756-CN2R , 1756-RM2 , 1756-PA75R
Allen-Bradley Input/Output (I/O) Modules : 1794-AENT , 1783-MS06T , 1786-RPFM
Allen-Bradley MicroLogix : 1764-24BWA , 1766-L32BXB , 1762-L40BWA , 1763-L16BBB
Allen-Bradley PLC-5 : 1771-P7 , 1785-BCM ,1771-DXPS , 1771-P7 , 1771-ASB
Allen-Bradley PanelView : 2711P-T12C6D2 , 2711P-T6C20D8 , 2711P-T15C4D8 ,
Allen-Bradley SLC 500 : 1747-L541 ,1747-L542 , 1746-IM16 , 1746-A13 , 1746-P3

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