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Embedded computer is committed to digital financial supervision 2021-11-20

Digital financial supervision is further improved

In order to ensure the healthy development of the country's economy and society, digital technology should be used to improve the governance capabilities and levels of financial regulatory platforms.

In this process, the high-speed transmission, analysis, storage and processing of huge amounts of data have higher requirements on the data processing capabilities and network performance of computer software and hardware used by financial supervision departments; financial data security encryption needs, and the domestic independence of key computer products Controllability also puts forward higher requirements.

FW-7521FT is a complete network security machine based on Feiteng FT-2000 (4-core) processor built by North China Industrial Control. The product provides dual-channel UDIMM memory slots, supports SATA 3.0, CF high-speed storage; supports optional configuration of the number and type of Gigabit/10 Gigabit/optical/electrical ports, excellent network performance; provides abundant serial ports, USB, GPIO, PCIe Expansion interface and other I/O function interfaces; support watchdog BYPASS control, support Byo UEFI BIOS, adapt to UOS 20, Kylin V10 operating system; provide power supply, hard disk, bypass indicator, easy to use, easy to maintain; active heat dissipation structure , Supports stable operation under various conditions such as wide temperature and complex electromagnetic environment, with high reliability.

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CI540 3BSE001077R1

CI830 3BSE013252R1

DO630 3BHT300007R1

DSAI110 57120001-DP

DSDI110A 57160001-AAA

DSDI131 57160001-GV

DSDX180 3BSE003859R1

PM632 3BSE005831R1

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PM860K01 3BSE018100R1

PU513V2  3BSE013034R1

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