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Future Application Prospect of Bently Nevada Sensors 2021-11-11

Future application prospect of Bently Nevada Sensor

The principle of Bently Nevada sensor biosensor is mainly composed of two parts: molecular recognition part and conversion part of biological functional substances. The former is used to identify the tested substance. When the sensitive membrane of biosensor contacts the tested substance, a biochemical active substance on the sensitive membrane will select suitable molecules from many compounds and act with them, Make it have the ability of selective identification; The conversion part is due to the covalent binding between the cell membrane receptor and the outside world, which induces a series of electrochemical processes through the change of cell membrane permeability. This transformation can convert the molecular recognition of biological functional substances into electrical signals, forming a biosensor.

Bently Nevada biosensor has been divided into enzyme sensor, cell sensor, immune sensor, gene sensor and so on. It is still in the research stage, but the sensor has significance in the fields of industry, agriculture, environmental monitoring and biomedicine. In biomedicine, some substrates with clinical diagnostic significance (such as blood glucose, lactic acid, glutamine, etc.) can be detected with the help of biosensors. In the field of environmental monitoring, biosensors can play a role in measuring the environmental pollution index BOD (that is, the degree of organic pollution of water quality). Microbial sensors can be used to determine the content and concentration of NH3 in air and water. They play an important role in fermentation industry and air pollution control. They are also used to detect the content of herbicides and apply to botanical research and pesticide pollution control

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