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GE HE693SNP900

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    General Electric
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    1 kg
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    12 months
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HelloThis is Yuki from Amikon Limited. We have best price and large quantity 

stocks of Allen Bradley PLC,, GE Fanuc PLC, Siemens PLC & touch screen, 


Sales Manager









Amikon Limited is an international company with many PLC DCS products.

We had emerged from a local engineering company with a single staff that 

provided solutions in factory automation to become nowadays a company 

that serves the Oil & Gas industries, EPC contractors, System Integrators 

and other industrial automation and process control companies worldwide.

If you choose Amikon 

1.Q:How about the warranty?

A:All goods have 1 year warranty. 

2.Q:What about the delivery time?

A:1-2 days

3.Q:What about the shipment?

A:We can arrange shipment by DHL, FedEx, UPS,TNT, EMS with competitive 

price, of course, customers can also use their own freight forwarders.

4.Q:How about the terms of payment?

A:Generally through T/T, Paypal and Western Union also accept.

24 hours to receive mail reply (12 hours) !!

KJ3001X1-BB1 12P0550X142


KJ3002X1-BF1 12P1732X082


KJ3002X1-BF1 12P1732X042

KJ3002X1-BF1 12P1732X042

KJ3001X1-BG1 12P0557X122

KJ3002X1-BB1 12P0683X092

KJ3002X1-BG2 12P1731X032

KJ2002X1-CA1 12P1509X102

KJ3001X1-BJ1 12P0555X152

MU-TDID12 51304441-125

KJ4001X1-JA1 12P1832X022

MC-TAMR03 51309218-175

KJ1501X1-BC3 12P3935X022

MU-TAMT02 51401491-100

KJ3002X1-BC1 12P0681X072

MC-TLPA02 51309204-175

KJ3002X1-BC1 12P0681X092

MU-TLPA02 51309204-125

KJ3001X1-BG1 12P0557X122

MU-TLPA02 51304467-100

KJ3002X1-BC1 12P0681X082

CC-PAIH02 51405038-375

KJ3222X1-BA1 12P2532X112

CC-PAIH01 51405038-175

KJ3221X1-BA1 12P2531X122

CC-PDIL01 51405040-175

SDCS-FEX-2A 3ADT311500R0001

CC-PAIM01 51405045-175

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