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We mainly provide automated spare parts that are no longer provided by manufacturers for heavy industry companies around the world.

We have 992,000 units of inventory including PLC, operator panel, servo drive and servo motor, excitation board, and other electrical equipment parts.

Including Control Systems (DCS, PLC, CNC)

Panel Controllers

HMI and Display Panels

Power Supplies

Main brands

1. ABB  (DSQC, AC800M,OCS 07KT97/07AI/07DI,PM645,etc)

2. BENTLY (3500,3300 system sereis)

3. HONEYWELL (DC 2000, TDC3000, TPS, security systems)

4. SCHNEIDER (Quantum 140 series: CPU processor, communication module)

5. FOXBORO (FBM203/204/217,FCP240/270)

6. EMERSON (DeltaV systems, / O unit, Analog AI module, Analog AO module)

7. General Electric (IC693,IC697,IC695,IS200,IS215,DS200...)

8. YOKOGAWA (CS3000 system CPU controller module, analog module)

9. EPRO (MMS6210/621,PR6423/003-031..)

10. SIEMENS  ( 6ES5/6ES7/6DD/6DP/MOORE...)

Company Service

Fast delivery (1-2 days will ship out for in stock products)

Rich experience (Established more than 10 years)

Large inventory ( Various brands and overseas warehouse)

Quality insurance ( Clear products condition with 1 year warranty)

Hot selling

ABB sc86-4cm0 Honeywell 51201397-915/MU-KDPR00/MU-KDPR915 Ovation 5x00489G01
ABB INIIT03 Honeywell 51303791-006 Ovation 1X00781H01L
ABB SGX-116-1 Honeywell HNW50049839-002/BP16W35-L9926 Ovation 5X00226G03
ABB INNIS21 Honeywell 51204120-400 Ovation 5X00481G01
ABB SPASO11 Honeywell 51202971-500、51202971-501、51202971-502 Ovation 5X00106G02/5X00109G02
ABB PM891K01 Honeywell 51308052-200 Ovation 5X00119G01/5X00121G01
ABB O-63007 0-63007 M003742626 Honeywell 51202306-915NC-2710 Ovation 1C31179G01/1C31181G01
ABB SDCS-FIS-31A Honeywell 51204120-300 Ovation 5X00357G04/1C31238H01
ABB FS450R17KE3/AGDR-61C  Honeywell 51308112-020 Ovation 5A26458G05/1C31219G01
ABB FS450R17KE3/AGDR-76C Honeywell 51308097-100 Ovation 1C31224G01/1C31227G01
ABB FS450R17KE3/AGDR-81C  Honeywell 51305562-400/NC-4210 Ovation 1C31129G03/1C31132G01
ABB FS450R17KE3/AGDR-71C  Honeywell 51202971-510、51202971-511、51202971-512 Ovation 5X00070G04/1C31116G04
ABB SDCS-POW-1/1C Honeywell 51202329-302 Ovation 1C31234G01/1C31238H01
ABB DSTD150A 57160001-UH  Honeywell 51201397-006/MU-KDPR06 Ovation 1C31122G01/1C31125G02
ABB SDCS-CON-2B  Honeywell TC-RPSC04 Ovation 5A26457G01/1C31223G01
ABB FS450R17KE3/AGDR-72C  Honeywell 51202991-010 Ovation 1C31147G01/1C31150G01
ABB FS450R17KE3/AGDR-62C  Honeywell R02S02L03 Ovation 5X00419G01/1X00569H01
ABB FS450R17KE3/AGDR-82C  Honeywell 51304476-125.MU-TAOX02  Ovation 1C31189G01/1C31192G01
ABB RPBA-01 Honeywell 08621800 Ovation 1C31194G03/1C31197G05
ABB SDCS-CON-3 SDCS-CON-3A-COAT Honeywell 30752118-001 Ovation 5X00058G01/5X00059G01
ABB SDCS-FIS-31A Honeywell CPO-VAV2A Ovation 5X00497G01
ABB SMIO-01C Honeywell 51202324-300 Ovation 1X01046H01L1
ABB FS225R12KE3/AGDR-XXC Honeywell PCI-6S-RS-R40 Ovation 1C31233G01/1C31238H01
ABB FS225R17KE3/AGDR-XXC Honeywell 6582800033 Ovation 1C31203G01/1C31204G01
ABB FS30B0R12KE3/AGDR-XXC Honeywell 51403483-100/TC-FTEB01 Ovation 5X00056G01/1X00884H01

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