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Triconex 8110 | Invensys 8110

Invensys 8110 Main Chassis

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    Triconex 8110
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Product Detail

Product Specification
Brand/Manufacturer Invensys
Part Number 8110
Description            Main Chassis

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Inventory & Prices
Part Number Condition Warranty Availability Price
8110 Brand new and original 1 Year In stock ask

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Triconex General Electric Foxboro ABB
9674-810 IC694APU300 IPM2-P0904HA DSTD N020   3BSE003238R1
RXM 4200 IC694BEM331 P0916AE DSQC609
9662-810 IC694MDL740 FBI10E DSQC611
3501T IC694MDL753 CP30B DSQC643
9663-610 IC695CPU315 FBM201 DSQC652
ITCC AO IC697ALG320 FCP270 P0917YZ DSQC652 3HAC025917-001
4000103-510 IC697ALG321 P0931RQ DSQC661 3HAC026253-001
3624 IC697BEM711 P0931RM DSQC668 3HAC029157-001
3006 IC697BEM713 P0917MF DSQC697
NCM4329 NCM 4329 IC697BEM713 P0916CC DSQC328A 3HAC17970-1
4000093-310 IC697BEM731 P0903CW DSQC626A 3HAC026289-001
9662-620 IC697BEM733 FBM214b P0927AH DSQC500 3HAC3616-1
ITCC DO IC697CHS750 FBM215 P0922VU DSQC609  3HAC14178-1
AI3351 IC697CMM711 PF3S-BP13 DSQC346G  3HAB8101-8
3636T IC697CMM741 FBM217 DSQC334  3HAB5845-1
3501E IC697CPM925 BO123HE DSQC662 3HAC026254-001
3481 IC697CPU731 P0914XB DSQC663 3HAC029818-001
3401 IC697CPU772 FBM214 DSQC625 3HAC020464-001
3708E IC697CPU781 CP40B DSQC378B 3HNE00421-1
HCU3700 3703E IC697CPU782 CP40 DSQC633 3HAC022286-001
TCM 4351B  TCM4351B IC697CPX772 CP60 DSQC532B  3HAC023447-001
TCM 4353  TCM4353 IC697CPX935 CP30 DSQC651 3HEA800439-002

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